Scientists Anxiously Await Barrier Reef Coral Spawn Off North Qld

<img src='×2-340×227.jpg&#039; width='200px' alt='Coral in the Great Barrier Reef' style='float:left;padding:5px' />

You don’t know exactly which night it’s going to be, so slowly the stress builds up. Dr Sylvain Foret Only two species out of an estimated 1,000 in the world that have been mapped before. Dr Foret says coral spawn is the purest sample of the coral animal. “If you take coral on the reef you have all these additional components – the algae and the microbes,” she said. “If you should try to extract DNA from this complex community, it is extremely hard to make sense of it.” Professor Eva Abal, the chief scientific officer of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation coordinating the project, says researchers are applying the techniques used to map the human genome to coral to see how it can adapt to global warming. “If we understand the human body, the human function, and we know what our DNA composition is, we are able to look at how our body responds to treatment for cancer for example,” she said.

Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo: 12 Promises in Paradise

Ocean Reef Club

Perhaps the secret to the Ocean Reef Clubs long-standing success can be found in the 12 Promises witnessed by members and guests every day of the year. 12 Promises and a Chef When current President Paul Astbury first made the commitment to lead Ocean Reef Club back in 2002, he could see that the clubs two golf courses, multitude of restaurants, tennis courts, airport runway, marina, and rich history were all assets with an upside. Astbury believed that by introducing two new additions to the clubs home, villa, dock, and condo owners, a good thing would only get better. When Astbury first gathered his management team together, something more than a mission statement emerged. The Ocean Reef staff, with many members having worked at the club for decades, began charting their future to align with something called The 12 Promises. This was more than a work ethic and customer service mantra.


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